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We have an experienced team providing professional construction industry services, machine operators, and labourers. We complete large and small end to end projects.

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We are King Kong Labour Hire, the client-driven labour solutions company specialising in Indigenous and non-Indigenous recruitment.

Our goal is to ensure best-match placements for clients and candidates. And we work hard to make that happen.

Our proven recruitment system results in high retention rates, job satisfaction and great client relationships.

Sidestep the frustrations of traditional labour hire and grow your business with partners who:

✅ Really listen to your business needs
✅ F
ocus on building long-term relationships
✅ Create placements based on skill, interest and qualifications
✅ Provide ongoing training and mentoring for candidates
✅ Are accessible in real-time
✅ Use streamlined software so you can work less

Move from hiring warm bodies that fill positions to easily building champion teams. Take your company to new levels with King Kong Labour Hire.



Are you a labourer looking for work? A company looking to hire labourers? Something else? Send us a message, we’re here to help answer your questions and get you placed as soon as possible!

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What our clients say:

At King Kong Labour, we specialise in labour hire in Sydney. Amongst our services, we provide construction labour hire in Sydney, civil labour hire in Sydney and machine operator labour hire in Sydney. Essentially, whatever your labour needs are, we can help and thanks to our vast experience and an extensive list of willing employees on our books, we can find the right people for you and your company.

We understand and appreciate that there are other labour hire companies in Sydney, but we firmly believe that we are the best in the business. Everyone on our books is carefully vetted, and we also seek references and go through an interview process. We can provide casual labour in Sydney or something more long-term. Unlike other Sydney labour hire companies, we are not interested in having just anyone our books – it is crucial that these people are the right and will carry out the roles you require professionally and competently.

Our small but dedicated and experienced team at King Kong Labour Hire, based in West Sydney, are committed to finding you the best labour hire candidates in and around Sydney. Whether you need machine operators, civil labour, trade labour or general labour hire our flexible approach will ensure that we find the best matched candidate for your needs.

 It’s not unusual for our clients to need a placement at extremely short notice – that’s no problem to us, and it doesn’t matter if the placement is for one day or ongoing for an undetermined time. The staff we send to you are guaranteed to be enthusiastic, competent and where necessary licenced, meaning that you have less to worry about and can focus on running your business.

We believe that we stand apart from other labour hire companies in Sydney and our reputation for building relationships with clients and candidates based on trust bears this out. Our strategy is not only to guarantee the best match placement for your business needs, but to provide ongoing support, training and inspiration to our candidates for the duration of the placement and beyond. 

Understanding and fulfilling the needs of the Indigenous population is a fundamental facet of our business too. We believe that developing strong links within the local community and country is a strength that helps us to be the best of Sydney’s labour hire agencies.

Whatever your construction labour hire needs, King Kong Labour Hire are the team to turn to.

Although we are primarily focused on trade labour hire in Sydney, we also provide general labour hire in Sydney. While these people may not have a trade per se, they are willing workers who will be an asset to your organisation. Our team members have a comprehensive knowledge of several different industries, so understand who and what you need when it comes to labour hire in Western Sydney. We talk and understand your language, which means that you get the right people.

As one of the leading labour hire companies in Sydney, we believe that our reputation is built on the people that we provide. We are passionate about what we do and take our job incredibly seriously, unlike some Sydney labour hire agencies who are more focused on their commissions rather than finding the right people. Unfortunately, this can often mean that they are putting square pegs in round holes, which is no good for either your business or the individuals concerned. At King Kong, we have a high percentage of workers who go on to become full-time employees.

Getting the right people in the construction industry can be one of the biggest challenges faced by foreman and site managers. While there can often be a plethora of people available, not all of them have the skills or attitude that you require. That is why at King Kong Labour, we specialise in providing the best individuals when it comes to labour hire in Sydney, civil labour hire in Sydney or machine operator hire in Sydney. We check the references and qualifications of every worker on our books so that you don’t have to.

We are the trusted labour hire company in Sydney and pride ourselves on providing you with the people you need. We are respected by those seeking work and employers. Over the years, we built up an extensive database of contacts to ensure that the two are brought together. We have a full book of employees ready and able to commence work at a moment’s notice, meaning that, as an employer, when that “big” job comes up, you know where to turn to get a team together.

We know that getting the right people for the job is essential when you work in the construction industry, and that is why we specialise in labour hire in Sydney. At King Kong Labour, we speak your language and know what you want to achieve, and the skillset that you will be looking for whilst also recognising that attitude is vitally important. As one of the leading labour hire companies in Sydney, we view our role as introducing the best companies to the best employees.

Regardless of the job you have undertaken, we have a large book of fully qualified tradespeople ready and willing to work. As a trusted labour hire company in Sydney, if you are a tradesperson looking for employment, we are the ideal option. We always vet both employers and employees before accepting them onto our books because our reputation for providing construction labour hire in Sydney, civil labour hire in Sydney and machine operator labour hire in Sydney is something we are proud of.

Unlike some other labour hire companies in Sydney, we understand that when you are working on-site, it is not merely numbers you need, but people willing and able to do the job. We know that reliability and dependability are essential, so we always ask for and check references. Due to our size and reputation, we can supply workers at short notice, meaning that you can quote for work regardless of their size of the job and have the confidence King Kong Labour will supply the people you need.

King Kong Labour Hire is one of the leading labour hire companies in Sydney and specialises in finding high quality machine operators and labourers to complement your workforce. We only recruit reliable, highly motivated individuals with a good work ethics, so we know that when we place them with you, you won’t be let down.

KKLH stands out from the crowd of other Sydney labour hire agencies because of the relationships that we maintain with our clients and our recruited workforce. With excellent lines of open communication with our clients we can ensure that you get the right staff for the right job, and the ongoing support and mentoring that we provide for our workers safeguards their positions. 

We operate with integrity and fully understand the importance of building a team that can effectively work together - and this is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. Furthermore, we work closely with the local communities to, as far as is possible, offer local placements which we believe strengthens those communities.

We also ensure that all of our labourers and operators have the appropriate tickets and licences required to work within their field of the construction industry, whether it is simply their White Card or for example, approval for working at height or with asbestos.

When you require construction labour hire in Western Sydney, whether it be civil, trade, casual or general labour hire, you can rely on the hard-working team at KKLH to fulfil your needs. 

In our office, we have an experienced and dedicated team of recruiters who have a comprehensive knowledge of various industrial sectors. They will know what you require, the skills that you are looking and perhaps most importantly, they speak your language. Unlike many other labour agencies in Sydney, we take the time to understand what is involved in your day-to-day work. It means that we find people who are appropriate for that job, rather than sending someone with no experience which isn’t fair on the employer of the worker.

Amongst labour hire companies in Sydney, King Kong Labour Hire has a leading position and is established as a trusted source for all your construction and civil labour hire needs all over Sydney.

Standing apart from the field due to the way in which placements are filled with the best possible staff with the most appropriate skill sets - and ongoing support which ensures continuing training and mentoring, KKLH values the long-standing relationships it has developed with its clients. Unlike some other Sydney based labour hire agencies who may take the easy option of providing staff to fill vacancies with a very short-term view, KKLH understands the importance of matching the right workers with the right job. This has the objective of helping you keep your business moving in the right direction and also to keep our labourers in meaningful employment.

With a reputation as one of the leading, if not best, labouring agencies in Sydney, here at King Kong Labour Hire, we have a commitment to provide our clients with top quality, reliable and skilled workers across the construction industry. And whilst we are continually successful in this objective, we have an ongoing need to recruit more candidates to fill these vacancies.

So, if you are a labourer or machine operator looking for work in Sydney, we would love to hear from you with the aim of developing a long-term working relationship with you. At King Kong we pride ourselves in doing more than just supplying workers to fill vacancies; we match the right staff for the advertised job to ensure both parties are satisfied. We make sure we fully understand our clients’ needs and then select the appropriate candidate based on their skill set, qualifications – and their interest. Furthermore, unlike many other labour recruitment services in Sydney, we offer support, guidance and training to our candidates keeping them abreast of all changes and advancements within the industry.

Our experience within the industry has shown us that long term placements bring the highest level of satisfaction to all parties and this is the focus of our highly successful recruitment strategy. 

Whether you have a need for skilled labour hire, or are looking for a labourer’s job in Sydney, one of our professional and friendly team at King Kong are ready to help you – contact us today, to set the wheels in motion.

We provide general and trade labour hire, and where necessary, casual labour hire for all sorts of projects in Sydney. And if you need specialists such as machine operators for excavators, dozers, rollers, scrapers and many more we supply operatives on the basis of your requirements – whether it be an immediate short time placement or an ongoing need. All of our machine operators hold the necessary tickets and are VOCd so you don’t have to worry about the quality of worker that you will receive from us.

KKLH are ready and waiting to take your call to fill your vacancies for labour hire across Western Sydney and beyond.

We are always looking to recruit new people for our database as well as sign up companies that regularly seek casual labour hire in Sydney, labour hire in Western Sydney and general labour hire in Sydney. At present, we are actively pairing individuals and businesses in the following areas:

  • Construction labour hire in Sydney
  • Civil labour hire in Sydney
  • Machine operator labour hire in Sydney
  • Trade labour hire in Sydney

If you are looking for a reliable and professional employment agency for your labour hire in Sydney, then you have come to the right place. If you are seeking employment or an employer, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on – 0405 034 922 or email us on or alternatively, you can [contact us] directly via our website. A member of our friendly and helpful team will be on hand to answer questions that you may have and help you find the right role for you or the right person for your organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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