Machine Operators

Need a Machine Operator for a day, a week or ongoing? No problem!

King Kong Labour Hire has all kinds of operators to meet your civil needs. Excavator, Grader, Dumpy, Moxy, Roller, Skid Steer, Dozer & Scraper.

Tried and tested.

All operators are ticketed, VOC’d and supplied on demand. If you need a an Machine Operator, get in touch.


Our three-pronged approach:

Labour Hire

We provide best-matched general labourers, skilled labourers and machine operators. Placement of Indigenous people is integral to our company. Our genuine understanding of Indigenous needs through community and host client requirements build strong relationships and outstanding outcomes.



We support our candidates and encourage growth through ongoing onsite and external training. This critical service is key to the job satisfaction and high retention rates we are known for.



When you hire through King Kong, we are right there beside our candidates. We continue to give guidance and encouragement throughout their placement and beyond. This is a large part of how we provide reliable and consistent staff, every time.

Finding skilled and experienced machine operators shouldn’t be a problem that holds your construction or earth moving operation back, but what if you need a skid steer driver, or an excavator operator at short notice? Well, then you call us here at King Kong Labour Hire because we have the resources to solve your problem. With a huge pool of machine operators – of all kinds of heavy machinery, we can supply the right person for the job, minimising the negative impact upon your project.

Every one of our machine operators are licenced and have their Verification of Competency, and whilst not every site or every job will necessarily require a VOC, there is no getting around it when it is a required stipulation!

We can supply dozer and scraper drivers, alongside all other machine operators for as little as a day to fill a short-term vacancy or, alternatively, they can be in place for an indeterminate, ongoing period – or anything in between, it’s up to you; we are here to meet your needs.

Choosing King Kong for your machine operator labour hire in Sydney gives you certain assurances and peace of mind that allows you to focus on matters of greater importance. With King Kong you not only receive workers with high levels of proficiency and experience but benefit from the commitment and reliability that is our hallmark.

Our enduring goal is to support our workforce and our clients to ensure that all parties benefit from developing strong relationships with us, geared towards achieving the best possible outcomes.

Get the job done right with reliable staff that are trained, mentored and skill-matched to your business needs.